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Titania by Aegils

Titania is a DD! :heart:

Thank you 
immensely Aeirmid for the distinction. It's lovely to see hard work recognized. :la:
Thank you all for the support and love all these years.
A huge thank you to neverdying and Emerald-Depths for the DD! Much appreciated. 
Also, many thanks for the comments and favs that everyone left me! I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the feedback and really happy this work was so well received by the community.:grin:  

Hi everyone!

Remember me? Yes? No? Wow! It sure has been awhile! Well I'm back now. That's right. I'm still alive, just working really hard IRL. sorry!
I guess life happened and it's making being around here extra complicated. I'll try my best to post more often for now on, so I'll see you guys around.


Sorry folks!

Real life has kept me busy lately and I can't be around for awhile still.

Hang in there for a bit, kay?




It seems I've acquired some new watchers, and because I haven't had the time to properly welcome you individually, this journal entry is designed specifically for you guys. I hope you liked my artworks and that you stick around for more. Hopefully I won't disappoint you!

So, hello there! Where are you from? What do you like? Tell me! I'd love to know more about you! :eager:

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Is it just me, or do you guys find this year's dA's April fools disturbing and oddly still funny? :lol:

On the same note, Go llamas!


I can has llamas? lol
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Time does fly - It's my birthday today, I'm now 24! (17th March).
I won't be online properly for the next few days, as I'll be out of town Thursday night to celebrate with the bf&friends and I have a conference in Porto Friday and Saturday.

If you’re one of those kind souls that now feel an urge to congratulate me, I’d be delighted to accept your comment! Please write Happy Birthday in your own language so we can all learn something from this :lol:

Help me blow my candles?

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I do believe this is one of the most important times of the year for me, because I tend to reflect on the past year and what will happen next. I won’t be giving an exhaustive report of what is going on in my mind right now, but there are a few things I’d like to share.

This has been a surprising year, my life changed, I finally graduated and that definitely changed my mind set. However, there’s still a lot to learn and be done, and 2010 seems to be a decisive year in my life. There are opportunities in the horizon, and I’m trying to become a solid professional. However, this journey is still in the beginning; I’m just giving my first steps and falling, only to get up again and hopefully doing a better job of it.

This time, I wish for nothing to myself, except health, a lot of strength and courage sprinkled with a bit of luck (can't hurt to ask for a bit of luck, right?), because I’ll sure be needing those to fight for what I need and aim for.

As for all of you, who supported and helped me in the last years, I wish you and the ones you love all the best. Life is simpler if you know what is really important, and cherish that.

Remember, however fun it may be to watch those you love to unwrap a wanted gift, the best presents don’t need paper-wrapping.

See you all soon.
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Hello everyone!

First of all I want to thank all those people that put up with my rants and continue to support me no matter what. Thank you.
Secondly, I owe you lot an apology, you left me quite a lot of comments and I've not yet answered them. I'm really sorry, I'll get to them asap.
Lastly, I've been on house arrest rest due to a knee injury which has provided the necessary time (and boredom) to get my creative juices flowing, so expect some new artworks from me very soon.

As for those who follow me on twitter, you'll probably get some sneak peeks so stay tuned! ;P

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Hello everyone!

I'm earnestly thinking about taking a break from deviantart, because I'm getting disenchanted with this place.

Don't get me wrong, this website is probably the main reason why I became so interested in photoshop and why I continue to strive to improve my skills.

When I came here 3yrs ago, this website was filled with such an amount of talent that made me awed and constantly made me think "ye gads! I want to know how to that that stuff too. I want to be that good one day!", however, regardless of the fact that there are still a lot of people that are truly ingenious here, mostly creativity died and people are just emulating one another. Nothing feels fresh anymore :(

Also, I'm tired of seeing crappy art all over the place getting tons of favourites just because the artist who did it is surrounded by sycophants. I can't see another picture with hideously painted "details", which no one seems to notice how bad they really are.

In addition, I find that I'm lacking honest critique which is stopping me to improve further more. Praising comments are nice, but those are mostly useless when you don't say what you liked, what you disliked, what and how it could be bettered.

All this is starting to get on my nerves.
Because popularity isn't what matters the most, Art is; And before I start to think otherwise I *really* I need to take a break.

See you all soonish.

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Hey guys!

I know it's been a while since I updated this journal, and for that I apologize.
It's been hectic lately, somehow I'm starting to think my life always is, but who cares?

Anyway, I wanted to ask those of you who noted me, in the last couple of weeks or so, if you received a response from me. I've been having some connection problems and I might have missed it or the answer might have not gone through.

Soooo,if that is the case, could you please send it again? thanks!


dA Bloopers and new subscription

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2009, 5:52 AM

Hello everyone!

As you've probably noticed, I've been unsubbed for quite a while and yet, my beta-tester status remained in place. Odd wasn't it? I thought so too...
Truthfully, I've wanted to turn it off (the not quite beta-tester status thing) but I'm glad I didn't because what was apparently a bug, turned into a a week sub for me =P Funny how things work lol

Love you all

New Work

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:bump: Saw Harry Potter. <3

:bulletblue: I've read all your comments, answers are on their way. (Just bear with me for a bit)
:bulletblue: All of those who asked for collabs, give me a couple of weeks. I need to set this thesis business straight first. I'll get to you asap.
:bulletblue: I've got some surprises coming up for you guys soon, so stay put :meow:

Love you all

PS: I'd love to feature some gorgeous artworks, but can't afford a sub atm. Browse my favourites though, I assure you they'll be quite worth it.
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I :heart: motion

When used right, motion can carry the viewer's eye through an artwork in a way that all the important elements receive prominence, and nothing snags the vision or causes the viewer to lose sense of the piece.

Why not trying it? What's more energizing and uplifting than movement? Here's some stock images that may get your creative juices flowing. :meow:

:thumb128935492: Wind 6 by Sinned-angel-stock :thumb99599844: Stormbringer 14 by Iardacil-stock

Mature Content

Dear wind 5 by almudena-stock
Faballa 2 by liam-stock Spirit by dazzle-stock Valentine 10 by faestock :thumb114774188: Windswept III by fetishfaerie-stock Windswept 6 by Sitara-LeotaStock :thumb99769760: L30 by F2FStocks Lancelin 2 by faestock

Have fun!

Want more?
Visit the galleries of the featured stockers, or browse the Stock gallery, it's that simple :aww:
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Hello everyone! :wave:

Once again, I'll stick to my trend, and start by apologising for my absence and lack of comments and occasional fav and run, mostly due to a humongous amount of real-life obligations, I've been bouncing between work, a bit of photoshop when it gets too much to bear and, surprise surprise, more work.

You probably don't give a damn about my latest "adventures", but, I don't really have much to talk about other than those. Yes, it's as pathetic as it sounds. I've hit an all time low: I've been awfully sick (as you could tell from my previous post) and I've been pulling out all nighters to work on my thesis! Anyway, deep breath, it'll all end soon enough. Meanwhile, I would love to thank everyone for their continuous support and feedback. I truly appreciate every comment you leave, even if I can't seem to manage to thank each of you personally. I miss you all a lot and hope to be back real soon.

Which brings me to my next topic. I'll soon have heaps of free time, and I don't intend on spending it looking at the ceiling. Would any of you be interested in a collab?

Love you all

PS: I'd love to feature some gorgeous artworks, but can't afford a sub atm. Browse my favourites though, I assure you it'll be worth it.
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Hello everyone

If you've been following me around on twitter you probably know what I've been up to lately and that I'm currently sick with a pharyngitis. It hurts like hell and it doesn't look pretty. However, I'm confident that this will work itself out with all those meds I've been prescribed. :pills:

Meanwhile, I'm actually starving but can't swallow. I swear this is torture. :shakefist:

Either way, enough of my ramblings, how are you guys? do tell.
I expect nothing but good news from you :)

I've just submited a new artwork. If you like it, please comment/fav. It'll make me feel better heaps :D


Edit: Right. >_> totally forgot that my sub ran out.
Anyone want to contribute, maybe? :flirty:
That would make me feel even better :aww:

Thank you and goodbye

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2009, 8:04 PM


Yes, it's sadly a goodbye, but not for terribly long. (gotcha!:giggle:)
Thing is, I'm having this not quite so sudden enmity with time this year, courtesy of some rather well placed exams and a pain in the arse thesis, hence the reason why I haven't been around for more than the occasional fav and run...
However, hopefully, it will all pass in time and, in the meantime, I will do my best to not keep you guys hanging for too long!

I'm sorry I don't have the time to thank everyone of you personally but, please don't think I dismissed your feedback. I'm actually very grateful for all of your support... So, Thank you all, for your kind support, the fav's, the watches, the talks, the tips and tricks, and the friendship you've constantly gave me.

Hope all of you are doing well.
See you on Twitter,


By the bye, my subscription is running out in a couple of days. AND, since I can't afford another one quite so soon, I'll post some features you can ogle when all the sub modules go down the drain.

Alone in the City by Skategirl in another life, by bigcitydreams
Nightlight district. by Aphariel:thumb104738365:

Mature Content

Shame by badApple409
Meet The Rainbow by donjuki Silken Threads by Foxfires Mirror Mask by InertiaRose:thumb111389604:

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Back to Uni and Winter Dreams Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 3, 2009, 1:20 PM


I'm desperately trying not to think of the work hovering over my head like a ton of bricks - just waiting. Biding its time. Undoubtedly drumming its fingers together in a smugly sinister way, knowing it's only a matter of time, and very little at that, until it'll catch up with the me and suffocate me under it's deadly weight.

So, yeah. Uni restarts Monday. I can feel my personal nightmare coming my way, the persistent little bugger. Exams, reports, clinic duty, and my thesis. *shudder*

I wish the goblins would come and take my uni away. Right now!
Ah... if only. I guess the little cretins don't care much for the ultimate tool of torture, ahem education, I mean.

Anyway, good luck to you all who, like myself, are going back to hell incarnate. *cringe*

See you on Twitter,

Winter Dreams Contest Winners

FrozenStarRo has announced her contest winners, and since I promised the winners a feature, I shall do so in this journal.
So, without further ado, the winners are:

:bulletpurple: 1st place Winner

by Lady-Symphonia

:bulletpurple: 2nd place Winner

by Trisste-stocks

:bulletpurple: 3rd place Winner
Winter fairy by Lillucyka
by Lillucyka

:bulletpurple: Honorable mentions
Polaris by randomstarlight
by randomstarlight
by compot25

Congrats guys! :heart:


Below you'll find thumbs to, in my opinion some of the best artworks made by the aforementioned contest winners. Enjoy.

:thumb102564864: Phoenix by Trisste-stocks
:thumb99022945: Rose fairy by Lillucyka
Cosmic girl by Lillucyka Desolate One by randomstarlight Stranded by randomstarlight Soon by randomstarlight

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Hello you all! :santa:

I'm finally on very needed and deserved holidays. At this very moment I'm relaxing with my family, sitting on the sofa near my lit fireplace typing happily on my new laptop (early x-mas present :aww: thx mum!)

I've been so busy lately, time does fly when you're busy. :wow: It's X-mas eve already and 2009 is nearly here as well, so I wanted to send my warmest wishes to all my friends and supporters around here on dA, and since I probably won't "see" you all until 2009, all my love to you guys:
May you have an excellent 2009, filled with creativity, love, health, and, last but not least, the best of luck in the world.

May all your wishes come true,
All the best

*PS: I've succumbed to twitter (yes, I know... :no:) and you're welcome to follow.
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